Saturday, August 28, 2010


Silver lining
In my cloud of life..

Ray of hope
In my gloomy days..

The rainbow
In my colorless life..

My teacher
Of life's many hues..

Who taught me
Affection, care, happiness..
Fights, sadness, disappointment..

Left me one day..
I realised that you taught me
About all colors of life.

You forgot just one color..


Jim said...

So good, SW. And the finale'?
Yes, and the emptiness lesson was a hard one.
Thank you very much for the prompt. I enjoyed a lot working with it.

Geraldine said...

Wonderful work. Thank you for this weeks prompt too.

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Write Up!!!!!!! You Have Very Well Said, About The Two Different Situations, One Is The Togetherness & Another One Is The When The Togetherness Is No More, What will The Very Next Stage?? Emptiness!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wish you never learn of that color !! amazingly sweet poem :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

left an impression
with words of life..

wrote the words
with every aspect of life :)..

nicely done buddy :)..


Anonymous said...

It might as well be a chance to be discovered, as "emptiness" provides so much life, as doors, windows, glasses and alike proof, making it only usable due to it.

Amazing detail on the drawing ! Please have a good start into the new week. This prompt has been one of the most felt ones.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

the idea of emptiness as a color astounds me.... lost and found

Snow White said...

Hi friends,
Thanks to all for stopping by :)pls keep visiting :)

OSI said...

Know the feeling....Such moments can lead to changes that lead to better places. God bless.

Snow White said...

Hi friends,
Thanks to all for stopping by :)pls keep visiting :)