Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dedication to all wonderful parents

When we were young,
they taught us to walk.
when we grew older,
guided us on right path.
Always with us they are,
they are two shining stars,
like a shadow, they follow,
like our Gods they are so !!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


RULES: Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

1. What is your current obsession? Listening to songs
2. What are you wearing today? A White Salwar.
3. What’s for dinner? Chapathi’s With curry.
4. What’s the last thing you bought? Wrist watch.
5. What are you listening to right now? kannada song.
6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Sahana,my good blog friend who always inspires me with beautiful comments..Thanks a lot for tagging dear.
7. Which was the latest movie you saw and what was your review? Stardust movie in television,it was very nice ..
8. What are your must-have pieces for summer? Cotton Dresses
9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Nowhere,I like being at home
10. Which language do you want to learn?Any new language is ok with me.....
11. What’s your favorite quote? I like all inspiring quotes.
12. Who do you want to meet right now? My friends,it has been so long meeting them.
13. What is your favorite color? Green :)
14. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? White salwar.
15. What is your dream job?To be a successful engineer.
6. What’s your favorite magazine? I read all Magazines :)
17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? I will give it to parents,let them decide:)
18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?Wearing dresses which suit me
19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon? Sorry I don’t know.
20. What kind of haircut do you prefer? Long Hair……
21. What are you going to do after this? Going To sleep.
22. Who is your favorite sport star? .I Am Not Interested In Sports.
23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without? My skin is  sensitive,pears soap ,moisturizer that’s it  :)
24. What inspires you? Thoughts and nice words from my mom and dad.
25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you: have a wonderful smile :)
26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?again its white salwar :)
27. Would you prefer coffee or tea? Tea
28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?meet my friends or cal them.
29. What is the meaning of your name?Flower .
30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?many to list  :)
31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet? Chocolates :)
32. Favorite pastime?Chatting with friends.

Hi friends most of you have already been tagged i think :) So if anyone wants it ,you can surely take it :)


I was tagged by tharangini :)thanks a lot dear :)
RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

Ever told a lie? Guilty
Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent.
Fallen asleep at work/school? Innocent.
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Guilty.
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Innocent.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Innocent.
Sat on a roof top? Innocent.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Innocent.
Been too honest? Guilty.
Ruined a surprise? Innocent.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Innocent.
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

Hi friends most of you have already been tagged i think :) So if anyone wants it ,you can surely take it :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


As tiny stars peep in your room..
and cool breeze chills your soul..
here comes Night creepin inside..
embraces you in its warm blanket..
and takes you to its dream closet..
all you see is unseen fantasies..
you are held upon by its clasping memories :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moonlight Magic

Seeing the beautiful moon tonight,
The waves dancing with delight ..
Which shall i admire ?
Mesmerizing beauty of the full moon
Or the cool waves' amazing moves..
There is so much beauty
To admire much in nature,
With only two eyes
How much can i capture ? :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Diwali brings with it brightness unseen,
let it also bring happiness divine,
let us unite to celebrate it with joy,
with sweets and crackers there is lots to enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We shall be together always
friendship can never die
why worry of the path then?
sticks and stones cant make us cry..
let us hold hands dear friend
walk together on these roads,
the paths itself shall wish us luck
let us forget where the road goes..!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Life is like a playground swing
Sometimes high, sometimes low
Sky is the limit in our happiness
Below the ground we feel in sorrow
as the game continues in its own way..
let happiness  fight sadness away :) :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

When bonds are really strong ..
happiness comes along ..
all we got to do is share ..
so that misunderstandings become rare ..
support each other well ..
let happiness always dwell ..
this what makes a family live long ..
with relatives and friends lets belong :) :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

When darkness scares me,
And loneliness fills my heart.
I do crave for you a lot..
You are my hope at this time,
You are my strength so divine.
Enlighten my life please,
With your enchanting beauty.
Your presence is wonderful
Fill my life, fill my heart,
Fill my soul, warm sunlight.


dreams , they come and go..

dreams make us move to and fro..

dreams of life haunts us always..

all we need to fulfil these dreams is..

true passion to chase them,

not once stopping at obstacles !!