Thursday, October 22, 2009


As tiny stars peep in your room..
and cool breeze chills your soul..
here comes Night creepin inside..
embraces you in its warm blanket..
and takes you to its dream closet..
all you see is unseen fantasies..
you are held upon by its clasping memories :)


Hemanth Potluri said...

A small dream in my sleep
me playing with the stars
making the sky my canvas
i am the hero forever....

when i read ur poem i just had this thought i shared it here :)..

ur poem was sweet and beautiful...i loved the way of expression and the pic speaks a lot of it :)..


roshwrites said...

Lovely pic :) And lovely poem!

Being Pramoda... said...

hey gal..

wow..u were too good in this imagination..sooo beautiful pic..well done suma..

Anonymous said...

very nicely written suma! :)
lovely imagination u have!

Creativity!! said...

Sooooooooo Beautiful :) Suma, u express same poem in two different languages :) :) much appreciated :) :) u r extremely talented Suma :) :) Keep It Up :) :) I also read the below post :) :)

Snow White said...

hi hemanth,
ur poem is also very beautiful :D thanks a lot for sharing..
Thanks for liking my poem..keep visiting friend :)

Snow White said...

hi roshni,
thanks a lot dear :) i too liked the pic :) same pinch ;)

Snow White said...

hi pramoda,
thanks a ton dear :) thanks for all ur support and encouragement.. :)
i too loved this pic a only wrote abt it.. :)

Snow White said...

hi leo,
thanks for liking it and also commenting :)thanks friend :)

Snow White said...

hi sahana,
thanks a ton for your inspiring and encouraging comments :D
thanks a lot for reading both my blogs and commenting :)
thanks a lot friend :)please keep visiting :)

Priya Vinay said...

so beautifully written snow :) :)
nice pic too :)

Snow White said...

hi priya,
thanks a lot dear :)