Thursday, September 3, 2009


Friends are of different kinds
Friends who share a cup of coffee
Friends who are happy with just a toffee
Friends who always expect joy
Friends who sometimes make you annoy
But friends are indeed friends
All friends can't be a gem
But I am lucky to have some of them


Anonymous said...

hey Snow White... this is a beautiful dedication to friendship u have shown here in ur words!

its lovely!
hope u have fun here!

roshwrites said...

hi!!! Welcome to the blogging world. I'm Roshni... and I will be back here again.
P.S: Heard of this blog from Leo
P.P.S: Great poem :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dedication Dear..:)

Woven with beautiful words..!

angel said...

wow brilliant sweetie..:)
simply superb kane:)

Snow White said...

thanks for comments leo,roshini,vyshu and angel :)it means to me a lot :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey..very nice one..

Beautifully done.

Snow White said...

thanks a lot pramoda :)