Sunday, September 6, 2009

As time goes by

as time goes by people change,
as time goes by consequences change,
as time goes by life will also change...
with all these changes around ,
one remains the same..
thats you,mother NATURE !
you have the same everlasting beauty,
and very keen in doing your duty !


Being Pramoda... said...

It was an awesome read..:)
Nature nurtures us with the same affection and love :)

Hey, Btw, may i address u by ur name please?

Snow White said...

yes pramoda...u can ofcourse :)call me whatever you like or suma :)
thanks a lot for your comments pramoda :)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i read it first, b4 anyone else! and i told u what i thought! :)

i still find it the same.. awesome and beautiful to read! :)

angel said...

hey beautiful dear..:)You have been awarded sweetie..:) check out my blog snowwhite

Snow White said...

thanks for comments leo :)
thanks angel for awarding me :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful write up ..!


Snow White said...

thanks vyshu :)