Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wings of love

Though love is also a temptation,
its not the same dear..
i crave for chocolates,clothes,ice creams,
i feel bad if i don't get them,
but what about you my love ?
my heart not only craves for you ,
it cant imagine the life without you..
i wish i had wings of love to wrap you around me
so that you can never ever leave me !!


Anonymous said...

very good take Suma.. wings to wrap around the lover.. :) a nice different take on the prompt. well written...

SandyCarlson said...

I have often longed for certainty in love. I have never found it. I enjoyed your poem.

Sweetest in the Gale said...

A poem filled with yearning...I enjoyed this.

Loch Rob said...

A very nice love poem.

Amity Me said...

what a very romantic poem Snow White...:)

wish i were young...:)

Mine is up now...please visit!

And yes, i like your new template...:)

HUgs dear!

ಶಿವಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ said...

Very Nice One :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

that was a beautiful one :)..


Raghu said...

love never dies...! Nice lines

Snow White said...

hi vinay,
thanks friend :)

Snow White said...

hi SandyCarlson,
glad you enjoyed it :)thanks :)

Snow White said...

hi Sweetest in the Gale,
thanks a lot dear :)

Snow White said...

hi LochRob,
thanks friend :)

Snow White said...

hi Amity,
thanks a lot dear :)thanks for liking the new template :)

Snow White said...

hi shivaprakash,
thanks friend :)

Snow White said...

hi hemu,
thanks friend :)

Snow White said...

hi raaghu,
thanks a lot friend :)

anupama said...

Dear Snow White,
Wishing you A Very Happy New Year Filled with Happiness,Cheer And Prosperity!
Kudos for the new template.very soothing to eyes and mind. :)
LOVE,specially when it is winter is a good theme.attachment brings expectations and expectations bring disappointmets.
can we enjoy the so called unconditional love?
craving for love is the need of the hour!give space and leave it free!you will be filled with love!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

Anonymous said...

i crave for all stuff you!!!

angel said...

superb snowy... really liked this one.. even i wish i had wings of love to wrap around me.. really nice:)

angel said...

you have been awarded in my blog :)

gabrielle said...

what comfort it would bring to be wrapped in the wings of love. lovely!

Snow White said...

hi anu,
thanks dear for liking poem and also template :)thanks for sharing ur views :)

Snow White said...

hi Shraddha,
me too ;)thanks for visiting dear:)

Snow White said...

hi angel,
thanks a lot dear :)pls keep visiting sweetie :)

Snow White said...

hi gabrielle,
thanks a lot for stopping by :)