Sunday, November 8, 2009


Future of one lies hidden..
what is waiting for us,no one knows..
we hope,we wish and pray let everything be fine..
but we never know that, fate will always outshine..!!


Meow said...

Good if fate outshines :) But it happened other way round for me... yet, I am going ahead thinking that something best will be there for me :)

poorni said...

Fate always surpasses what we think..nicely said

Being Pramoda... said...

everything is hidden in life, still we r bound to live life in our passion..thast the beaty indeed..

Lets dont think too much abt fate..lets live...

Creativity!! said...

Woww :) :) Beautiful Dear :) :) Very Well Said :) :)

Glad To See You After A Long Time :) :)

Snow White said...

hi meow,
i too hope let everything be fine for u dear :)

Snow White said...

hi poorni,
welcome to my blog dear:) thanks a lot for comments :)keep visiting friend:)

Snow White said...

hi pramoda,
i really agree with ur words dear :)thanks a lot for comments :)

Snow White said...

hi sahana,
i too am really happy to see you after so many days.. :)hope ur fine now..thanks a lot for such wonderful means to me a lot :)

anupama said...

Dear Poorni,
Good Morning!first time here.
''Man proposes and God disposes''.so,let us celebrate each and every moment of life as we just don't know what is in store for us.
smile and cause a smile.
wishing you a great day ahead,

Snow White said...

hi anupama,
thanks a lot for your comments dear :) welcome to my blog :) keep visiting friend :)